When creating we work to the following philosophy:    
Design for Needs    
Our first priority in designing products is to analyse and understand the specific requirements of the societies and individuals we are creating for.

Design for Function
We believe that all design should be based on improved usability and innovation.

Design for Beauty
Visual impression is one of the most important factors of our designs. It may be cheerful, active or chic.... however, all products should be enjoyable for the user and inspired by beauty.

  These principals are our mission as designers, reflecting where we are coming from and where we are going to - contributing in making our global society a better one.

Based in London, VO Corporation has a diverse range of skills and cultural backgrounds, each member being both creatively unique and highly skilled in technical detailing.

Our international background gives us a deep understanding of the worlds diversity of cultures, lifestyles and societies, allowing us to have an influence in making peoples lives more comfortable, attractive and exciting.

  Akio Shindate
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