Lucia Concept Car
Project : Lucia Concept Car
  Client : United Arrows / VO Corporation

1960's European pop culture

Lucia is a car concept which came about as a mutual project between VO Corporation Ltd London, and United Arrows (a major Japanese fashion brand). United Arrows felt that a unique new vehicle would be the perfect method of promoting their clothing range, and a ideal way to define their customer base. In recognising the Japanese fondness for 1960's European pop culture, VO Corporation designed Lucia as the embodiment of this lifestyle ideal in a modern package. In particular, iconic 60’s celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy in are still very popular amongst the younger Japanese generation.

The inspiration for the cars aesthetic

Our aim was to design a car which would appeal to very fashionable young professionals, style conscious individuals who recognise that the car they own can speak volumes about their personality. The inspiration for the cars aesthetic came from looking back to the great renowned sports cars of the past and using elements of these, reinvent them with current technology and up to the minute detailing.

Lucia is a car that evokes memories of the halcyon days of motoring, its form is instantly familiar, without being obviously derivative. The car had to embody a feel good factor and a pride of ownership which so many modern cars seem to lack. Lucia is not intended to be an outright sports car, or a technical tour de force. Its mechanical elements will be simple and underplayed. It will have a small, normally aspirated engine offering good performance. VO Corporation realised that a large degree of the fun found in sports cars of the past was sensory based.


As a 'fashion' vehicle is was felt that Lucia should be adaptable and upgradeable. Buyers will have the opportunity to choose different interior colours, materials and fabrics designed to compliment United Arrows fashion range. After market accessories, such as handbags, attache cases and seat covers are just some of the products United Arrows could market towards Lucia customers, and sell via their retail outlets. It was envisaged that Lucia would become a brand in itself, and would grow alongside United Arrows future products and marketing campaigns.

Can Lucia continue?

VO Corporation always believed that we had created something special with lucia. Whoever we show it to, the response is always overwhemingly positive. Although Lucias' initial purpose was to be a retro modern roadster for fashionable Japanese consumers, we think that it has a far more universal appeal. This is why we would like to take the concept further. We are currently in the process of talking to manufacturers to produce a working prototype of Lucia in view of making a small volume of vehicles for private sale. If you like the look of our concept car and if you agree that it has commercial potential, then please email us your support.

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