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No Dimage Problems
Konica Minolta Dimage Z3 £tba (due Oct)

We're glad to see that the Dimage Z series of cameras has survived Minolta's alliance with Konica. Not least because
this kind of long zoom, high feature count camera encourages creative photography but also because we still think
the Z series cameras look like one of the Cloud City Sky Cars in Star Wars. When we're not making it career around the office making zoomy noises, we're appraising the Z3 for its 12x optical anti-shake zoom and four megapixel CCD mated to a speedy architecture that includes a rapid AF, start-up time 2.2fps continuous shooting. Get out there and do some photography; may the force be with you.

Konica Minolta: 020 8751 6121

  Double the fun

Retro roadsters have never gone away. Daihatsu's pocket-sized Copen is the latest addition to the stable, while Nissan's ten-year old Figaro created an ongoing cult. Now there's another contender. Designed by VO Corporation, the two-seater Lucia concept eschews practical concerns in favour of pure fun, with an emphasis on feminine curves and the kind of cuteness the Japanese market laps up - handy, given that it was created in conjunction with Tokyo fashion store United Arrows. VO aren't car stylists by trade, but the London and Tokyo-based designers are eager to broaden their horizons. We think they've succeeded.

VO Corporation, concept only
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